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After Sales Service

● When receiving the information of user’s requirements, local service providers must arrive at the scene of action and provide high quality service, within 3 hours if users in the same city ,within 24 hours if in normal areas, within 48 hours if in remote areas.
● zero hour delivery service, 100 hours, 500 hours, 1000, 1500, 2000 hours of regular tracking services.
Zero hour service means when the machine delivered to customers, customers can get the active service of training drivers. It can ensure end drivers get training, then operate and maintain correctly to reduce failure occurrence, so that to make maximum benefit from machinery. Zero hour service will be performed by local warranty service center, it includes introducing notes about operating and maintaining machinery; safety precautions, loader water &oil quantity, filling position; driving and operating; common fault diagnosis and troubleshooting. While it also includes doing with the problems happened in the delivery process timely; enquiring suggestion including service and quality improvement.
100 hours, 500 hours, 1000, 1500, 2000 hours of regularly tracking service will be finished by the warranty service center after purchasing. It is the action service proposed by our company and based on the following two reasons:
1. Changing passive service to active service, fully reflects the active care for our users.
2. Assisting and guiding user fault nipped in the bud.
General user may be not loader experts, even some ones have little knowledge for operating and maintaining loader. So good machine will also have a major failure if not operate and maintain correctly. While the event of a failure, the user might push all the responsibility toward the factory, , the explanation of our service personnel will seem quite passive and powerless, and may ultimately lead to customer dissatisfaction or quality disputes.
So by the regular tracking service to explain the importance of maintenance , it can assist the user exclude hidden faults in the bud. In addition, it can help find the shortage of user, then to explain and prevent early ., our explanation can be fully understanding of the user even if there is some problem.
● service providers make the timely and effective regularly tracking services, provide user training and site instruction, to ensure that users get the full operating and maintaining skills.